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Weed Management

Updated: May 24

All 2023 weed harvesting and spraying permits can be found on this website under DOCUMENTS, then OPERATIONS, then PERMITS.

Every summer is unique. Our mild winter with minimal snow cover seems to have generated a larger volume of weeds earlier than in recent years. Our efforts to combat the weeds began with spraying on the South End of Whitewater Lake, both on the east and west sides, as well as the topmost portion of the northeast lobe of the lake. Additional spraying will be completed soon on Isabella Bay and both sides of Ridge Road.

For weed harvesting, we hired our own crew this summer, supervised by Todd Griffith and Scott Center. They will operate Monday through Thursday with pier pickups on Monday mornings. Based on best practices, we prefer not to operate our large equipment (without brakes) on weekends. Currently, our harvesting equipment is being serviced and launched by Aquarius, our equipment supplier, which will also train our new crew in early June. We will begin harvesting and weed pickups once training is completed.

To schedule a weed pickup, please call, text or email us by 6 pm Sunday evening:

Call/Text 262-458-4308 Email

Please include your street address, which should be visible from the lake, either on your pier or on a lakefront fire number purchased from your Townhall.

Please contact us if you have concerns and we will get in touch as soon as possible. And please remember to treat our crew members as courteously as your neighbors – because they are!


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