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Whitewater-Rice Lakes Management District

The Whitewater-Rice Lakes Management District was chartered in 1986 by Walworth County under Chapter 33 of Wisconsin state statutes to maintain, protect and improve the quality of lake conditions, including enhancement of the recreational use of the lake and conservation projects within its watershed for the mutual good of our property owners and the lake environment.  Commissioners are elected and budgets are approved at annual meetings.

The board members include: 

  • Carol Ducommun, Chairman (Term expires 2024)

  • Chuck Chamberlain, Vice Chairman                            (Term expires 2025)

  • Dan Berg, Treasurer (Term expires 2026)

  • Mike Lindenmuth, Secretary (Term expires 2026)

  • Rich Charts (Term expires 2024)

  • Jerry Grant, County Representative

  • Jon Tanis, Township Representative      

Whitewater Lake in Fall

Whitewater-Rice Lakes
At a Glance 


Located in Walworth County, Wisconsin, Whitewater and Rice Lakes are served by the Towns of Whitewater & Richmond. Of the 851 total land parcels in the district, roughly 80% are in the Town of Whitewater and 20% in the Town of Richmond.


Whitewater Lake was first created in 1927 by a dam on Whitewater Creek that absorbed the smaller Whitewater Lake, Bass Lake, and Round Lake. The Whitewater Dam was rebuilt in 1947. In 1954 a second lake, then known as State Park Lake, was created with the building of a second dam. In 1961, it was designated as Rice Lake. Whitewater and Rice lake are not connected by a navigable waterway or access. (Learn more about the History of Whitewater & Rice Lake). 

Lake Organizations 

The Greater Whitewater Lake Property Owners Association (GWLPOA) was formed in 1948 as a voluntary organization to establish oversight of the lake. The Whitewater-Rice Lakes Management District (WRLMD) was formed as a taxing
entity in 1986 to address lake management issues such as shoreline erosion, aquatic plant control, water quality/testing, launch monitoring, fish stocking, wildlife management and boating safety.

District Facts

  • 851 total land parcels

  • 405 lakefront residences

  • 443 off-water residences 

Whitewater Lake

  • 705 acres

  • Maximum depth of 40+ feet

  • Mean depth of 8.3 feet

  • 10 miles of shoreline

  • 350 lakefront residences

Rice Lake

  • 167 acres

  • Maximum depth of 11+ feet

  • Mean depth of 5.8 feet

  • 3.3 miles of shoreline

  • 55 lakefront residences

Ongoing Initiatives of Whitewater-Rice Lakes Management District

  • Boating Safety Instruction & Education Classes

  • Lake Safety Patrol

  • Lake Buoy Placement & Maintenance

  • Clean Boats & Clean Waters Aquatic Invasive Species Inspection Program

  • Launch Monitoring

  • Launch Fee Management Oversight

  • Development of Aquatic Plant Management Plan

  • Mechanical Aquatic Plant Harvesting

  •  Chemical Aquatic .Plant Management

  • Harvesting Equipment Operation/Maintenance

  • Bog Removal Management

  • Water Quality/Testing

  •  Fish Stocking Program

  • Carp Management

  • Wildlife Management

  • Shoreline Management

  • Lake District Fiscal/Financial Oversight

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