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Summer Operations have begun

We are delighted to have another strong crew this year. All five members of the team, including our supervisor, Scott Center, worked with us last year and reside in our lake area. Weed pickups will be on Monday mornings on Whitewater Lake as they were last summer. Please have your weeds on the end of your pier by 8 A.M. on Monday and make sure your weed piles are free of sticks, gravel and sand.

Our summer operations began this week, spraying for Eurasian Milfoil on Whitewater Lake on May 21. If you have a sign on your lakefront it means your nearshore water was sprayed and you should refrain from using lake water to irrigate your flower and vegetable gardens for seven days (May 28) although watering grass is fine. We are typically able to begin harvesting two weeks after herbicide application.

Of our two invasive species, Curley Leaf Pondweed typically appears first and forms mats on the surface of the water. Our goal is to remove as much of this as possible before it dies around mid-summer and sinks to the bottom, releasing a pulse of phosphorous which can lower lake oxygen levels, cause fish kills and lead to algae blooms. Curley Leaf, noted for its wavey leaves, is the predominant invasive species on Rice Lake and is found in areas on Whitewater as well.

The predominant invasive species on Whitewater Lake this year is Eurasian Milfoil, which is typically seen underwater with a feathery appearance. We treated the Eurasian Milfoil with herbicide on Whitewater Lake on May 21.

Our three harvesters, including 12' and 10' harvesters on Whitewater Lake and a brand new 7' harvester on Rice Lake, will begin harvesting both invasive species as soon as we are allowed by our DNR permits the first week of June.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Carol Ducommun 847-226-1062


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